Dr Theoni Georgiou

Dr Theoni Georgiou
Imperial College London
Invited Talk
United Kingdom

Dr Georgiou is currently a Lecturer in Polymer Chemistry at the Department of Materials at Imperial College. She obtained a B.Sc. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cyprus in 2001 and 2006, respectively. Following her PhD studies she joined Professor Antonios Mikos’ group at Rice University in USA as a postdoctoral fellow where she gained experience in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering. Then in October 2007 she moved to UK when she was awarded a five year RCUK Fellowship in Colloidal Nanotechnology in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Hull that lead to a Lectureship. In January 2014 she joined Imperial College.

Her current research interests lie in the area of polymer chemistry and in particular designing well-defined polymeric materials and investigating how the structural characteristics of the polymers affect the material’s end properties and application. She uses controlled free radical as well as Group Transfer Polymerisation (GTP) to produce the well-defined polymers. She is most well known for her work on (i) star polymers for gene delivery, (ii) well-defined covalently linked polymer networks/gels and (iii) thermoresponsive triblock copolymers as injectable gels.